DPAC Full Membership Meetings

DPAC holds two full membership meetings a year in the spring and fall. The fall meeting is in November and combined with events at Michigan’s Capitol to celebrate National Diabetes Month. Every DPAC meeting includes presentations on diabetes management and prevention topics and networking opportunities.

Next Full Membership Meeting

November 2018, Location to be determined

The June 20, 2018 general membership meeting has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please keep checking back for news on November's meeting!

Previous Meetings

people in meeting November 2, 2017
April 27, 2017
November 17, 2016
May 5, 2016
November 12, 2015
April 30, 2015
November 13, 2014
May 1, 2014
November 14, 2013
May 2, 2013