DPAC Membership

What is DPAC?

DPAC, founded in 1977, is a partnership of individuals and organizations who actively work to inform, motivate and activate people in Michigan who have diabetes or work with people with diabetes.

Why Should I Join?

Become part of a statewide effort to prevent diabetes and reduce diabetes prevalence and complications in Michigan. Be a change agent-locally and statewide!
  • Get the latest news in diabetes information.
  • Meet other people in Michigan who also have an interest in the prevention and management of diabetes.

How Do I Participate in DPAC?

Attend the DPAC Forum in the Lansing area. Join our email list and participate in diabetes activities in Michigan. For more information on meeting times, dates, and activities, please contact info@dpacmi.org.

Background Information

The following documents provide background on DPAC.

DPAC Members

DPAC is the only statewide diabetes coalition in Michigan.

This organization includes a broad array of individuals and organizations working together to provide leadership and encourage collaboration to address diabetes prevention and control in Michigan.

Membership includes the following areas:

  • Health
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Business/Industry
  • Community Members
  • Universities

Thank you DPAC members for your unique and important contributions!