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2022 DPAC Forum: Food For Thought

2022 DPAC membership meeting Thank you to all the presenters and attendees for your participation in the 2022 DPAC Forum and to ADA for your advocacy updates.

The days agenda included topics that informed about the impacts of food insecurity and how community programs and health systems are addressing this barrier to improve health outcomes for people with chronic disease. We highlighted information about mental health and suicide prevention and how it relates to chronic disease. Lastly, we learned about pharmacy services and how pharmacists are providing support with disease management.

We hope you were able to make new connections and continue to work through the year to make a difference in the lives of people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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November 7, 2018

2021 DPAC Forum

Posted here is a video of the 2021 DPAC virtual annual meeting, held November 17, 2021. We discussed MDHHS updates, Diabetes Awareness Month, ADA and JDRF updates, and learned about food systems and their link to chronic disease, as well as new initiatives in type 2 diabetes management and quality improvement.

2021 DPAC Forum Presentations