2019 DPAC Forum Presentations

HIV and Diabetes Care
Candice Lee- Public Health Consultant, MDHHS, Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases

Diabetes management is an area of concern for those treating people living with HIV as well as the standards of care for patients who have both HIV and diabetes. This presentation addresses the challenges to managing diabetes and HIV concurrently. The existing treatment standards and protocols for three populations of patients with co-occurring diabetes and HIV and information on the HIV and diabetes care demonstration project.

Diabetes and Stimulants
Raymond Waller- Director, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Substance abuse and diabetes can act as 'sisters' in an attack on brain function and health. This presentation will help to explain effective treatment protocols and focus on effective approaches for the patient promoting positive long-term outcomes.

Gleaners Food Bank: Healthy Food Interventions
Sarah Mills- Director of Wellness and Nutrition Education, Gleaners Community Food Bank

This presentation is a broad overview of food insecurity in our community and its links to chronic disease. An introduction to the healthcare pilot programs implemented in MI to improve the health of those with pre-diabetes and uncontrolled diabetes are reviewed and gap areas and program opportunities highlighted.

Diabetes and Eating Disorders: A Complicated Relationship
Quinn Nystrom- Diabetes Advocate, Author and Speaker

This presentation looks at the dual diagnosis of an eating disorder and type 1 diabetes and details Quinn Nystrom's personal story. There are also important helpful communication practices and practical applications for diabetes providers, mental health providers as well as family and friends.